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Wild Tangent First Freshening

Glimmercroft SheOb Wild Tangent

Registered as F5 American with both Mini registries

Born: May 24, 2021

Full pedigree below

This is Glimmercroft SheOb Wild Tangent, an F5 American Mini Lamancha. She kidded on June 6, two weeks after her first birthday. She snuck the event past me, even though I was only about 8 feet, and a calf-hutch wall, away. When I went to look for her, her two doelings were already cleaned off and nursing. Good girl!

Tangent freshened with nice, broad attachments front and rear, and her wide and well-extended rear udder tucks right up into her escutcheon. She has beautifully placed, plumb teats with a comfortable-to-milk cylindrical shape, and they are already a good size. Her teats have lovely orifices, not too loose, not too tight, and her teat walls are thin, so she milks out very quickly. Tangent is also a generous girl, letting her milk down completely for the morning milking even though she's nursing kids.

Tangent is an opinionated girl, but very trainable. She already has the whole milkstand routine worked out, and will stand (mostly) quietly for hand or machine milking, or when kids are put on the stand to nurse.

I'm looking forward to watching this one develop further.

Tangent 18 days into her first freshening

Tangent Udder Series - 5 weeks into first freshening

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Show History:

Not shown

Kidding History:

1st F: 6/6/22 - two doelings, I missed it.

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