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About Goats and Milking

A series of informational articles based on my own experience

During the last month of pregnancy, your doe should be getting up on the milking stand for a daily handful of grain. I also give a tablespoonful of dried raspberry leaves daily as a uterine toner, to help with birthing. While she's on the stand, I begin to place her feet and handle her udder so she can get accustomed to it before I need to milk her. Occasional treats and talking softly can help her to relax.

It seems that once the kids are a couple of days old, most goats nursing their own babies come to feel there's a conflict of interest regarding who should have access to their milk. Again, treats and gentle encouragement can help convince her to share. . . . (click image for complete article)

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Ipsum loquitor, etc.

Ipsum loquitor, etc. . . .

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