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Shannon and Sundance

Glimmercroft Shenandoah

Registered as F5 American with both Mini registries

Born: March 29, 2017

Full pedigree below

Shannon has matured into a very solid doe. She has kidded three times without incident, twice without my even being there. She has a beautiful udder, and stands calmly on the milkstand for hand or machine milking.

Shannon last freshened 14 months ago, and has been on a very erratic once-daily milking schedule for the past 10 months. Currently, she hops onto the milkstand, eats up her six ounces of grain, and gives me 2.5 pounds of rich, sweet milk. And she's getting fat doing it.

Shannon kids without trouble and is an excellent mother, raising triplets with plenty of milk to spare. She is also one of the most affectionate goats you could meet, insisting on a thorough face rub before she will leave the milk shed willingly.

Shannon did well the two times she was shown, taking Reserve Champion in a large live show, and Grand Champion in the MDGA V-Show, both as a first freshener.

Shannon has sons standing as herdsires in Missouri and Tennessee.

Shannon and Tangent, 2021

Shannon Udder Series - Third Freshening

Shannon Udder Series - Third Freshening After Once-Daily Milking for 10 Months, 24-Hour Fill

Shannon V-Show Series - First Freshening

More Shannon Pictures Just for Fun

Show History:

2019 WCC - Reserve Champion under Amy Akramoff

2019 V-Show - Grand Champion under Travis Cockburn

Kidding History:

1st F: 4/12/19 - Doeling and buckling, unassisted.

2nd F:  2/27/20 - Buckling and two doelings, no problems.

3rd F:  5/24/21 - Buckling and doeling, unassisted.

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